Finished Woodwork Workshop and Box

Today I finished my woodwork induction, now inducted on machines including band-saw, large industrial sander, and pillar drill. Finished my box today, stained it a dark colour and then smooth wax finish on-top. Think I’m going to line the box interior with patterned fabric so need to find some interesting fabric for a bright interior. Looking forward to get back into the wood-shop in the near future to try and make some stackable wooden bowls using the bandsaw. This is a technique I found in a tutorial on the open source idea sharing website . I think it would be a great mini project to set myself as it includes designing a jig to use with the band-saw and the extra time spent and experience gained with it should help me develop skills and confidence in the workshop. I’ve already scavenged some hardwood from a pallet in a skip that will be perfect for the job, in the process of cleaning it to make it safe for cutting. (Thanks to my contemporary Rossy Adams for helping me with skip hunting for materials!) Image


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