Little Bowls in Large Sheets and Bowl Body Jewellery – Craft?

Experimenting with the copper bowls I have produced for my craft object. My original intention was to explore form through jewellery fold-forms: sheet metal to 3-D form, I have ended up producing lots of small copper bowls which have not been used to realise an object. Playing with these little copper bowls Iv become interested with their relationship in direct contact with the body, creating an almost scaly or coral like appearance, perhaps blistering skin.

I am interested in how all these little bowls would behave attached (somehow) in a sheet and what forms could be produced from that. Some sort of elastic mesh would make them ware-able on the body where the individual bowls could shift move and flex with the muscle underneath. Or a large sheet of little copper bowls could be used to produce a static sculptural piece of work that could be made into a light or some such thing. Is this Craft? 




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