Thoughts on Productivity

Today (11/02/14) , after having spent the day discussing our concept and model making, I began thinking how we could be efficiently productive as a group with everyone in the group knowing exactly what they are doing, what needs to be done and where the projects progress currently is. I remembered reading in Wired magazine about the Japanese Kanban system pioneered by Toyota in the 1950’s.  The article is below.

Kanban Thinking


Iv been thinking of how we could utilise this method.

KanBan Plan

On doing some more productivity and task minding research on line the general scope seems to be to make a simple as possible system that is fulfilling to complete and makes it easy to visualise the remainder of work to be done. I plan on raising the Kanban idea with my field group to see if they are interested, mostly just so everyone can keep track of each other and over all progress.

I do not think that my field group is struggling with time management or productivity  particularly, I am merely interested in this area of concern in work as time management is something I have always struggled with in the past.


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