Laser Cutter Induction

Today I had my laser cutter induction session with Mike the tech dem’ teaching Ian Cooke (Illustration) and myself. We discussed the implications and uses of laser cutting, suitable materials, potential problems and tricky things to look out for whilst using the laser cutter.

DSC_3375 DSC_3374

The laser cutter uses vector line files made in Corel Draw, I have no experience of using Corel Draw so I shall have to make time to learn the programs features and what I can create in Corel draw, creating vector lines and raster images is simple enough however. I discussed the possibility of importing Pepakura files into Corel Draw with Mike, he thought it should be fine but warned me that file corruption can occur when swapping a 3-D file between different programmes and also that not all file types will work with Corel Draw.

I’m really excited about using the laser cutter with Pepakura files, this will allow for really fast sculpture/ model/ object prototyping etc. Much less use of a scalpel and using lots of ink! Model making is no potentially cheaper and faster!

I’m really keen to get making with the laser cutter right away so I am going to cut out Pepakura parts for a heart to use for the field brief. Also considering using 123D Make.

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