Tutorial with Zoe and PsychoGeography

If I am to be totally honest I have sort of rejected my personal field project slightly over the last two weeks, this is due to being away for a week during family difficulties and concentrating on the group work aspect to the brief.

Today’s tutorial with Zoe cleared up some of the concerns as to what my project is about, after describing my ideas and research so far we were able to devise a plan of action for me to be getting on with, the conversation reminded me that I need to get MAKING to develop the concept further. So less sitting around thinking more doing! A more detailed post about the ideas and concept behind the migration theme will follow (hopefully Wednesday!), for now my way into addressing my ideas and getting into the making shall hopefully stem from PsychoGeography as  suggested by Zoe. I am hoping that psycho geog’ maps that I am going to create will fuel the  idea spark into a brighter more defined physical idea.

DSC_3401 DSC_3404 DSC_3405

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