Glaze Room Induction by Matt

Glaze room induction covered the health and safety points to remember when working with glazes, the making and mixing of glazes. Also how to use the spray booths and how to adjust the air gun nozzles, power and medium intake should we need too. Wear an apron and keep a respirator handy. Always test glazes or slips before applying. Most general rules, guidelines and information can be found in my ‘The City’ sketchbook, Matt also stated that he would send out an email with more information which I shall update to this post at a later date. If I find myself in the glaze room alot I may consider putting together my own glaze making, mixing and applying kit. Test examples of different glaze recipes can be found in  the glaze room, recipes can be found in the library and on the internet, if stuck ask Matt for advice.

The spraying of the glaze technique would be suitable for the heart slip casts I am making with my field group, there are going to be around 10-15 (?) to spray and we also feel it is important to get them glazed efficiently and consistently. Once the glaze is on we should be able to experiment with lasertran on the objects themselves.

DSC_3412 DSC_3413




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