Group Tutorial

In discussion we talked about the preference of ensuring we make an object as opposed to just presenting an idea or concept. Was decided that the heart as an object would be a great outcome for the group.

Everyone’s favoured method for making the heart would be to slip cast a model. Its a good and fast way to produce a larger number quite quickly giving us the opportunity to play around with design and surface design more, allowing room for more development if it is needed. I am very happy about this as it gives us the chance to perhaps develop the idea object in a very physical making sense rather an all on paper.

We also discussed the possibilities of surface design on the ceramic hearts using lasertran. I have a glaze room induction today at 02:00 with Matt the tech-dem, I will talk to him about the possibilities of lasertran and how to proceed with those.

Also after chatting about it we decided to continue with the idea of producing a film. Its a great way to document and maybe even explore the theme further or could even be inspiration for a future project I or we should ever want to explore the medium of film. This video will include the smashing, uploading and should present the hearts in the context of the city.

DSC_3407 DSC_3408


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