The Heart Casts – Progress…

With the slip casting of the heart mould we had a lot of set backs… mainly with the clay cast collapsing do to the subsequent vacuum formed when pouring out the excess slip. This problem has probably been solved by the widening of the pouring hole, however we haven’t managed to try it out do to the amount of time it was taking to produce just one cast.

We decided we would have to resort to another message. So, after discussion between the group and advice from peers and fellow students, we decided to press slabs of clay into the halves of the mould and hand join them once they were leather hard. The first ones were not fantastically successful ( let the clay get to dry, joining resulted in cracking and breaking) but they worked, the form was taking shape and the idea was becoming reality.  We have now produced 5 good casts using this method and are pleased with results we are getting, the bisque firing is next Monday and so we should hopefully have 7 or even 8 heart casts to fire. Lets hope the join is strong and holds up to firing!

Now we need to start thinking about and perhaps preparing a slip glaze or glaze…

IMGP0116 IMGP0121 IMGP0122 IMGP0127 IMGP0129 IMGP0153


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