Letterpress Induction

On Thursday 6th March I attended a Letterpress induction at Howard Gardens led by Tom. Some interesting background info and also showed us a portable screen printing kit that used inscribed wax sheets for stencils that he had found in a car boot sale, keeping my eye out for one, may even make one! The letterpress itself is quite small and looked fairly simple but apparently was a bit tricky to get set up properly. Setting the lead type was quite time consuming although not particularly difficult, practise will see to shortening setting times. The ink seems to get everywhere. The rollers pass over the rotating ink plate and then over the text just before the paper is levered up against the now inked text. It was quite a fun process although generally working with the type tray would take a lot of getting used to. My print was only partially successful, it worked, but I had confused my D’s and P’s…..so it didnt work quite as properly as it should have.

IMGP0245 IMGP0247 IMGP0249 IMGP0250 IMGP0252


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