Manual CNC or Milling Machine Workshop

Thoroughly enjoyed this induction. At first the machine is massive and quite intimidating with all its leavers, vices and assortment of bits and cutters. But this quickly gave way to delight at the accuracy and precision that can be achieved and on such a large scale too! It seems to have few limitations so far, though doubtless I shall discover one or two as I gain more experience with it. I want to set my self a project using mainly just this machine so that I can become practised and proficient at using it – this would allow me to integrate it into future projects with a little more ease as I could have a better idea of what I could and could not achieve on the machine. One small project I have been contemplating is making light up climbing holds which will need moulds, model board and the milling machine may be perfect for this. They would be quite abstract and even complicated angular shapes, it  would be interesting to see what I could create…

IMGP0159 IMGP0163 IMGP0169 IMGP0172 IMGP0174 IMGP0179


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