Clare Twomey

Born in 1968, UK. Lives and works in London, UK.


Clare Twomey is a British artist and a research fellow at the University of Westminster who works with clay in large-scale installations, Sculpture and site-specific works. Over the past 10 years she has exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate, Crafts Council, Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Japan, the Eden Project and the Royal Academy of Arts.

Within these works Twomey has maintained her concerns with materials, craft practice and historic and social context.
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Some of my notes from the lecture:
– mostly works with clay
– Clay direction came from time in Edinburgh uni.
– MA at Royal Collage -5yr studio time
– teaching and studio practise and then into research, she questioned this, what is research actually?
– Practise now resides in research
– site is important, some works are site specific, problems resolved on site – work, problem, space, possession of site.
– working collaboratively allows the proper realisation of ideas, allows freedom of ideas beyond singular artists skill base, now no need for every skill e.g. Engineering in large projects.
– uncertainty breeds questions and creativity, fuels the thirst and hunt for answers or the reasoning for efforts.
– she has become very interested in the space and performance dialogue.
– does not make physical work often maybe a few times a year now. Mostly research and writing.
– what do you want to be your legacy? face your ambitions.
– role of the art work should be to trigger a thinking process.
– good deed exchange, see website.
– Conciousness/ Conscious, 20,000 tiles, working with industry to produce them all, rational to movements and decisions.
– Trophy 2006 V&A wedgewood and V&A collaborative first ever, she was invited to make a work, thousands of plamsized blue porcelain birds in V&A sculpture gallery.
– Blog ‘Why Make?’
– blossom – 2008, Eden project
– Ask big questions ? – don’t always have to make….
– never be afraid of the question, grab it by the horns.
– dialogue can bring about ideas , pieces and inspiration unexpectedly and set you on a new, better or surprising route.

What I think I really took away from the talk most was the practises of asking big questions and ensuring to engage in dialogue about the work and other ideas.


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