FabLab Talk @ Tommys Bar 18/03/14

This was a very exciting talk given by a representative and member of Fab Lab Barcelona, the European Fab Lab Mother-ship if you will, about the Fab Lab coming to Cardiff and what Fab Lab is all about and the opportunities that it brings with it. We saw lots of exciting projects and proposals and that what the extent of what can be made is perhaps only limited by the imagination of the maker. Projects are fantastical varied and of all sorts of scales from big to small, high to low tech, simple to complex. There were lots of things show to us that I had never seen before anywhere on the internet – it was very up to date. I went away feeling very inspired and excited, about which elements exactly though I am not sure of…

There is lots for  me to research and get involved in – FabLab Exchange and the Masters MAA Research Fabrication are of particular interest to me.

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