Vaughn Bell

Vaughn Bell is an American artist whose work takes form in installation, sculpture, video, performance and environmental art. Her undergrad work focused on ‘Nature and Culture : Human Perspective on the Natural World’.

She creates interactive projects and immersive environments which affect the ways in which we relate to our environments.

One body of work she has produced I find particularly inspiring and interesting is the Personal Biospheres – living spaces into which people insert themselves at eye to ground level to intimately experience the sight and smell and touch of a growing micro world. Some are single person environments whilst others can accommodate more than one person.

Her work has often explored the boundary between people and plants – this I was intrigued by, it quickly brought about visions of living cities, buildings formed from living environments or totally immersed in plant life, fashion that is grown, cared for and that has a life literally in season. Her work work has addressed making plants wearable clothing (first picture) and treating plants as pets to be loved and nurtured. 

Bell has been employed as a ‘staff artist’ by Seattle Department of Transportation working on arts planning and integrating design enhancements into public projects such as trails , side-walks and bridges.


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