The Vase Mould

I’m running out of time, I need to make a piece for my field individual module. The idea behind my concept is rooted in my readings of psycho-geography and the flanuers and situationist’s. On my derives and wonders around Cardiff I have been collecting and accumulating found objects to use as starting points, resources and inspiration for making psycho-geography inspired work. On reflection this probably is also to do with my interest in up-cycling and recycling. After considering the objects I had collected (mannequins to hubcaps, keys to trolleys) I found the most pleasing item to be the cardboard flower former, I enjoyed the simplicity of the form and its surface texture. I decided to play with it and see how I could manipulate the form. Whilst pinching in the centre point I found it looked like a vase. Then twisting the top part of my new vase form to the side giving it an almost lazy stance or perhaps leaning in interest towards something. Having just recently learnt the aluminium process I decided I wanted to use it to produce an outcome.

Spent today making the mould for my found object vase (cardboard flower former). It went pretty well, and managed to get it all done. Whilst showing it to another student they mentioned it reminded them of 1960s/50s dresses…. I did some Googleing and found that I could see what she meant. This was interesting as I had been wondering how to take the object or idea further. Im not particularly wanting to make a dress so I began sketching the dress forms as sources of inspiration to see where it may lead. This exploration is on going, trying to keep in mind skills-context-ideas.

IMGP0825 IMGP0836




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