What to do now?

I need to produce a finished object. With the aluminium pour definitely not going ahead (due to the failed mould) I quickly need to consider other options for something to make.

I decided that I still wanted to produce my vase form and that the best way to do that, with a finished off as possible object the result, would be to slip cast a model of it. I set about modelling a miniature of my aluminium vase mould out of blue polystyrene. I ended up producing two, as the first one did not end up with the drooping head of the vase that my original has. I coated these both in PVA to seal them and then proceeded to plaster cast them resulting with two plaster moulds of my miniature vases.

St Ives Smaller files1

St Ives Smaller files4



St Ives Smaller files2

St Ives Smaller files12

St Ives Smaller files14

St Ives Smaller files17



Throughout the process of making these two plaster moulds I made several mistakes, first I forgot to apply release agent to the models making it extremely difficult to get them out. Next I forgot to leave a pour hole for one of the mould halves. Later on, after cutting out a wall of plaster to create the pour hole opening that I had forgotten  I removed the material from the wrong end of the mould, meaning I had to spend even more time repairing the mould and then removing the plaster wall from the right side.

It has not been going well. However by the end of the day (after many stress induced mistakes) I am left with two plaster moulds of two miniatures of my aluminium vase mould.

Now I need to decide how I will produce my objects from the casts as I have realised I wont be able to slip cast them as the moulds will not dry in time. I have considered two options: I could make clay pressing of the moulds and then hand build my vases, or I could seal the plaster moulds with lacquer and produce resin outcomes. I know little about resin casting however, with only limited knowledge of gravity casting/coating. I shall research the resin casting process and then decide on which I shall pursue. I am also trying to keep an eye open for any other methods of producing an object outcome.

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