Casting with Resin

I need an outcome or at least a prototype to display what my final outcome would have been, so today I have been experimenting with resin casting. I had to go to 3 different shops around Cardiff ( travelling between them and uni at high speed on my longboard in a desperate race against time) before I finally found any kind of resin. This resin is ‘Pebeo gede Resine Cristal’ and is for pouring into small straight forward moulds and probably not for roto-casting hollow objects. After purchasing my resin from Inkspot I raced back to Uni.

St Ives Smaller files1

St Ives Smaller files3

After drying the moulds forcefully with a heat gun and taking clay pressings (covered in another post) and then applying a release agent I set about making the resin. As soon as I mixed the hardener and resin together I realised that the resin was not viscous enough and that I would have trouble coating my moulds sufficiently. I contemplated adding a filler there and then as I am guessing I probably will need to if I want to get sufficient coverage and thickness (I need to do some research on this).

St Ives Smaller files14

St Ives Smaller files16

I poured it into the mould (without adding a filler) which was nearly dry and now sealed with Elmer’s glue. I rotated th mould by hand for about ten minutes getting a pretty consistent coating of the mould i then left it to cure for several hours. On returning I saw that the resin had drained to the bottom of the mould leaving an incredibly thin layer behind. I rotated the mould for a further ten minutes, the resin now a little more viscous. I left it over night doubtful that it was going to work, in the morning I took a look and found by doubts confirmed. The resin was now very viscous, almost completely un-flowing, but mostly sat in the bottom of the mould. The resin just does not set enough.

I am beginning to think that resin is perhaps not the best choice for me (what with me having no prior experience of using it) to quickly produce some last minute alternative prototype/outcomes. I will have another attempt and then re-evaluate what I can do/produce feasibly in the short time I have left. Time for some quick filler research…


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