Experimenting with Wax

My resin mould is taking a desperately long time to cure and I havent even applied the second coat yet! So Iv decided to see if I could produce some nice maquettes in wax. I’m trying to demonstrate other ways of producing a model of an object. One advantage of wax is that it is cheap, another is its quick and also a wax model can easily altered, modified and experimented with allowing the idea to develop a form physically in 3-D relatively quickly. It is quite a messy business for my kitchen though….

I called in at the nearby £ shop and bought 60 tea-lights and was soon back in the kitchen melting them down in a can at a low heat. The first time I poured the wax it went straight through the hole in the bottom that id forgotten to plug. The second attempt was more successful when all went according to plan, until it came to cracking open the mould….

St Ives Smaller files2 St Ives Smaller files6 St Ives Smaller files8 St Ives Smaller files12 St Ives Smaller files14

I found it difficult enough to get one half of the mould away from the wax and when I attempted to pry it out (taking about 20 minutes) I broke the wax cast due to applying to much force! Another setback! After conferring with a fellow student for emotional support and advice it turned out that Id forgotten a very important step. I hadn’t soaked the plaster mould in water before casting. This is easy enough to put right. I off to try again.

St Ives Smaller files21

It worked beautifully! Barely any effort at all, the wax stuck and cooled much faster in the mould meaning less mould rotating and sore arms. Plus when it came to crack the mould open it came very easily, with the wax not sticking to the mould at all the wax vase model lifted right out.

St Ives Smaller files17 St Ives Smaller files18 St Ives Smaller files20

This wax mould could now be used in a wax-loss process for bronze casting. In the ideal world situation the next stage  for me now would be to apply the ceramic powder. This wont be possible before next Tuesday however.



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