Clay Pressings of Miniature Vase Moulds

Before using my moulds to cast with resin and wax I decided that I should take some clay pressings and hand build some vase’s before attempting the resin (which I have no experience of and am learning on the job).

I have however had plenty of experience of clay pressing moulds and hand building from the group field project, thus I was able to produce two fairly quickly. They turned out pretty well, although they had a bit of trouble standing up so once I had trimmed the burs and levelled the bases I left them to dry. They will not be glazed or even bisque fired before the deadline on Tuesday but I’m trying to show some of the different processes that I could have used and the skills that I possess to give an idea of how I may have gone about it in an alternative way the aluminium casting.

IMGP0865 IMGP0869 IMGP0873

Barring silicone moulding (of which I have experimented with a little in the past) I have experimented alot with moulding techniques this year and will continue to do so, Im very interested in rotational resin casting large silicone moulds and have found various simple contraptions and machines that I would love to attempt building perhaps in collaborative for the studio.


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