Reflection – Ideas, Things not Working out and…Work Ethic…

In reflecting on my initial ideas that I had at the beginning of the field module I can see how they have changed, that some lines of enquiry were dropped and others never even started. The beginning of field I felt I entered the project with plenty of interest and gusto. Whilst I was warned to maintain the momentum when the group work began and to run the two projects alongside, I will admit that I paid little attention to the individual project once the collaborative began.  I very much enjoyed the group work, I got on with my group well and was reasonably happy with our outcome even though we did not manage to get it fired in time. It was still a reasonably new experience, having only worked on a short collaborative on foundation. I am very much contemplating group-work in the future with things in mind like drone building and studio machinery such as a resin roto-caster for silicone moulds or a pantorouter – inspired by members of the online makers community.

A tutorial with Zoe about midway through the second term, got me back to thinking about the individual work again, from there I was introduced to psycogeography and the flanuers. As I read more about these ideas of complete immersion in becoming a spectator of the city and deliberately getting lost the more I became excited about the idea of the aimless derive. There are times when I would catch myself wondering uninhibited by direction or worry concerned more with blue sky thoughts and then allow myself to continue doing so, perhaps with the intent of aimless and unsuspecting discovery, or the unlikely scenario of stumbling across something that would allow me to take this act of pschogeography forwards into a design idea or concept. I never really did stumble across any great idea or concept, rather I kept finding interesting objects and things. I collected lots of these things and accumulated… stuff.

I decided after a while, through thought and conversation, that this stuff should become my resource, my material. And from there my ideas were quite wacky, these included the flanuer’s cart (from an old trolley) and an electronically hacked mannequin which has no head or arms. (I considered building anamatronic head and limbs and imbuing the mannequin with interactive sensors and building an interactive environment around it). In the past I have used or explored up-cycling and was interested in using the found objects of my derives in my work.

At this time I was learning the aluminium pouring process and was interested in producing an outcome from aluminium using a cardboard flower former I’d found to make a vase. Over Easter I became idle and work-shy and did not leave enough time to realise this aluminium pour as an outcome. When I got back to uni I rushed the sand mould making several mistakes which lead to the inability to produce it as a final product.

I felt after this set back (mostly resulting from my lack of time management and inert slothful-ness) I needed to generate work to demonstrate in some way some of my making skills or even models of what my outcome could have been.

Time management is something I struggle with frequently. Making motivation last and stretch are skills I MUST learn to seriously start progressing on and actually start making all the time. It ridiculous but my fleeting attention span often inhibits my starting to make and get to grips with a project. The internet is particularly distracting for me, while I feel I am rarely actually wasting time browsing making, techn, music tech, coding, science and 3D Art & Design sites, it does constantly alter and change my interests in what I want to do right now. When I actually start something or finally get into it (eg. a process like mould building, drawing, coding, handbuilding etc) I do get absorbed and obsessed with it. I am aware of where my faults lie, and whilst I would not describe my self as lazy exactly, I know I have not always been realistic with myself concerning time management and work motivation. I do not think its something I can change overnight exactly but I am determined to change and rectify this.




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