Off and on I have been slowly learning to use the free (opensource?) modelling/animation software. I am mostly interested in its modelling facilities. I am not properly to grips with the software yet and have only been following simple tutorials which tend to be in long bursts with long gaps between busts. So far I have only rendered and completely finished two simple models.

The interface is pretty intimidating and hard to get around – I don’t know what most of the terms and labels mean yet but hopefully Ill get there. I think it will take quite a long time and plenty of practise until I’m confident and accomplished at modelling sufficiently well in Blender, but when I am I think the practical implications of converting bits to atoms, digital to 3-D physicality will make it tremendously useful. As well as rapid prototyping I’m sure there will be many other uses for the blender skills in terms of using other software, prototyping and sharing ideas across the internet and much more besides.

These are the two tutorial projects I have completed so far, most of the time I will only get part way through the tutorial and mess around with functions and settings just to gain more of a scope of what different things do. I may complete a few more tutorials before I start modelling from my imagination….

Glass and Cloth Cup totourial complete


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