Resin Mould Failure

The resin mould I attempted failed, the mould had to be broken open and this revealed very thin resin …lining to the mould that just about stayed together. My mistakes were that I used a plaster mould, I should have used silicone but ran out of time. I could have sealed the plaster mould better and maybe it would not have stuck to the plaster so much, I suspect the resin perhaps sunk in a little through the Elemer’s glue. So a better sealer and release agent would have maybe yielded better results. Lastly next time I would use a different resin, one that cures in minutes rather than hours with which you can achieve a more even coating of resin with the hollow cast ‘sloshing’ method. And a resin that sets stiff, this one was very flexible and felt rip-able.

IMGP0911IMGP0914IMGP0913 IMGP0915


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