Simple Electronics Practise – De-Vocaliser

Browsing on the YouTube Make channel

I came across the De-Vocaliser, I thought it would be an interesting mini project and be good practise for my electronics skills as I intended to delve deeper into electronics. I bought a few parts and had fun building it, reading schematics, soldering and figering out what Id done wrong the first time around. Once Id completed it I gave it a try, I tried it with about 12 – 13 different songs from different decades of music and different genres. I wasn’t really that impressed with the outcome while on a few tracks the vocals disappeared completely, on most they were still audible just very quiet, and some vocal notes were not stopped at all.

It was fun though, and I learnt a few things mostly small soldering techniques to keep work tidy and to prepare well before going for it as well as to always remember to double check what your doing. I shall be sure to post about other electronics projects and how my skills are developing!

IMGP0922 IMGP0921 IMGP0923



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