PDP and Constellation Reflection

Term One of constellation involved a series of lectures and study skills sessions designed to broaden and encourage my interests in and around my subject. The aim was also to gain a perspective of where  we sit in the grand scope of all things art and design, how my subject relates to others and to encourage me to develop a deeper academic understanding of art an design. I enjoyed most of the lectures and a few I did not enjoy so much. I enjoyed learning about William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, it gave me a better idea of contemporary craft and its relation to art and design. This along with the lecture on Sonic Art has led to an interest in the differences between science and art and whether they should be thought of as polar opposites. This is an ongoing interest and I hope to base some work on it in the future with the skills I am currently building in my creative practises and also 3D modelling, electronics and micro-controllers. Most lectures I attended were good and thought provoking and perhaps influenced my subject work in some ways. A few lectures were not so good unfortunately, some I found difficult to be inspired by, some lectures perhaps would speak in convoluted ways and quietly. But mostly I have enjoyed them, perhaps more than I thought I would initially as I am a very practical hands on person more concerned with making than academia, but I understand that the academic and and art history can and does inform the work of an artist or maker and so I can see that it is important and worthwhile. 

Constellation also inspired me to read around my subject and also to read some classic texts like 1984 by George Orwell. I have also been reading on Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal, Dynamic Anatomy by Hogarth and Makers by Chris Anderson. All these could help to inspire, form and shape ideas in the future.

Study skills was very useful, although my attendance to most was perhaps a little lacking. Of particular help was the Image Analysis session by Cath Davies, I thoroughly enjoyed this session and found her to be a fantastic teacher as she was clear and engaging. From this session I learnt a much better critical approach (that I had never used before) to looking at an image and have tried to utilise this skill since. Other study skills including the presentation building and presenting one were also extremely useful.

I attended most lectures but my attendance could have been better, this is something that I must try and keep in mind for the future so that I can get the most out of constellation.

In Term Two I chose my option constellation lecture series. I chose Energy, Ecology and Modernity. I have a deep interest in sustainable living and art and design as well as in science. This is why I chose to study this option. The option was different than how I expected it to be, also the texts we started reading where quite heavy going and difficult to get to grips with. However I enjoyed the option choice and found it to be extremely interesting. I soon acclimatised to the type of reading that was required. I was particularly interested in the ideas of energy, entropy and chaos which I read around a fair amount. For my essay I decided to write about movement in modern art starting with Rodin. Movement was being used as an interpretation of energy. The notion of energy and movement is also coming across to my subject work as I am creating interactive forms and will be investigating how they move and react to movement.

Areas in which I could improve on to benefit my learning and make more of my constellation experience includes better time management, better note taking, blogging – I need to get into the habit of blogging straight after lectures. I generally need better discipline towards my work and in ensuring I attend every lecture.

Overall I have enjoyed constellation It has taught me much and has encouraged me to read more around my subject the benefits of which I am enjoying. Constellation has given me a deeper and broader understanding of the world of art and design. I have a greater understanding and knowledge of modernity and where I fit with my subject in contemporary art and design.




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