Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn is sculptor and film maker who produced a series of works which were body sculptures.

” In 1968 she produced her first body sculptures, in which she attached objects and instruments to the human body, taking as her theme the contact between a person and his or her environment.” – Tate On-line.

“From 1970 Horn documented her work using video and film, establishing a connection between sculpture and action. She increasingly used feathers, for example in masks or constructions that enclose the entire body, closing off the wearer from the environment. The spectator’s occasional glimpses through the constructions produce a high level of intimacy.” – Tate On-Line.

“In the films Der Eintänzer (1978) and La Ferdinanda – Sonate für eine Medici-Villa (1981) Horn placed her individual actions and objects within a narrative sequence.” – Tate On-line.

Rebecca Horn, ‘Mechanical Body Fan’ 1973-4

Body Fan

Rebecca Horn, ‘Moveable Shoulder Extensions’ 1971

Shoulder Extensions

Rebecca Horn, ‘Finger Gloves’ 1972

Finger Gloves

In her work, objects and people morph, ready to tell how bodies change into other bodies.

In Rebecca Horn’s work a relationship between form and body or environment is a strong theme. Reading about her work has suggested ways in which I can think about giving my forms a context or a relationship to something.

Horn became aware not only of the fragility of her body, but also of the meaningless of its existence. Subsequently her work developed from site-specific installations into mostly body-modificating work

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After exploring the work and life of Rebecca Horn I think some of her works my influence or inspire some of my future drawings and designs, particularly the wearable sculpture. Perhaps re-imagined as jewellery pieces?


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