Barbara Hepworth Museum

Whilst in the wonderfully picturesque St Ives during Easter I visited the Barbara Hepworth Museum. Having only seen a few of her sculptures before going to St Ives I was naturally curious to see more. It was wonderful to explore her house and studio. The studio is  mostly untouched since her death and so the visitor can see work she was in the process of making and what her working environment was like. It was a cloudy blustery day and the bronze sculptures in the garden were slick and glistening from the recent rain.

IMGP0511 IMGP0512 IMGP0513 IMGP0524 IMGP0527 IMGP0529 IMGP0536

I found dryish spots to sit and sketched most of the sculptures, hours later I was going around the museum yet again. I found it to be a very exciting, rewarding and contemplative experience all rolled into one. The longer I spent there the more I began to fall in love with the forms I was seeing. Her style of sculpture and the ideas behind her work have definitely come away with me, frequently I find myself drawing ‘Hepworth Forms’ whilst warm up sketching. I find the naturalistic forms come easily to me and are pleasing to put on the page, they have an indescribable subtle quality to them which I am trying to figure out. I love the combination of a beautiful finish and deliberate work marks showing the making process, such as the pieced forms, I reflect on these frequently. I think I may be seeing some Hepworth inspired elements in my work in the future.

IMGP0518 IMGP0519 IMGP0526 IMGP0537

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