Collect 2014 – Reflections

Sunday 11th of May I attended the Collect (The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects) exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

I took some photos but mostly drew loose sketches and took quick notes. One of the South Korean ceramics works caught my eye, it was a slipcast vessel made on a potters wheel by pouring slip into the plaster mould as it spins creating a perfect, thin layer. Many layers are added with multiple colours in succession. I really want to try this for myself next term! I have sketches in my sketch book.

These photos are just some of the things that really caught my attention and excited me.

IMGP0924 IMGP0925 IMGP0926 IMGP0927 IMGP0928 IMGP0929 IMGP0930 IMGP0931 IMGP0932 IMGP0933 IMGP0934 IMGP0935 IMGP0937 IMGP0938 IMGP0939 IMGP0940 IMGP0941 IMGP0942 IMGP0943 IMGP0944 IMGP0945 IMGP0947 IMGP0948 IMGP0949


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