Design Object Form, Sound And Jawbone Speakers

One of the things I thought about making for my design object was a speaker. More specifically a speaker that uses it’s form to effect the sounds that are put through it. perhaps by physically altering the form via some mechanism and thus changing the tonal quality of the sound. The aim – to allow the user to manipulate the sound coming from the speaker in a physical sense. I like the idea of a lever or knob resulting in the form of the speaker changing and the sound with it.

First I would have to embark on an investigation into acoustics and see what types of speakers, amps and speaker sizes there are. What changing forms or environment topology does to sound-waves and what effects can be achieved as well as which materials to use.

Then I would begin experimenting with forms sounds and work from there to develop a changeable form that effects sound in a pleasing way that allows a physical connection between the listener and the sounds tonal quality.

I’m not sure that I could accurately hazard a guess at how it would turn out (knowing little or nothing about speaker acoustics) but I could always resort to the form just being an aesthetic quality and making a beautiful looking speaker. One exampleof interesting speakers that use patterns similar to the paper folding Iv been experimenting with is Jawbone Speakers (below). Im sure I shall find other good examples too.


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