Fine Art Piece Proposal

During the time I spent exploring form for the Subject brief I became interested in faceted forms and also in producing faceted forms of digital 3D files (.stl). On I came across a tutorial on how to take a 3-D file from and convert it into a simplified and faceted form in a program called Pepakura. Pepakura breaks the model up a simplified faceted version of the original. This 3-D model can then be flattened too 2-D and unwrapped to resemble a cube net type thing. This is then printed out on card and then glued together by the tabs that pepakura provides on the unwrapped model. It works well but is time consuming. One way of dramatically shortening the process would be to laser cut and score the lines meaning all I would need to do would be the assembly and gluing. To try the process I produced the life-size model climbing out of the wall that was shown in the tutorial. It took 3 days to complete with  lots of mess too.

For my Fine Art piece I wanted to produce another human form in this faceted and highly geometrical style and encase it in a starkly contrasting organic structure made of willow. This I think would talk about what it is that I am exploring – purely form and form in contrast or juxtaposition.


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