Simple Fold Form Lampshade – Design Object

For my design object I decided to create a lamp shade with the aim to be simplistic in design and a complex paper form its main focus. To save time I decided to strip a simple lamp of its shade and replace it with my own, the simplicity of the lamp base and stem allows the major focus to rest with the fold form.

The folds where difficult to get crisp and perfectly exact, sugar paper, it turns out, is not ideal for fold forms. It took two attempts and even then the second was produced with difficulties, but overall I am pleased with it.


If I were to return to or re-embark upon this project again I would construct the whole thing myself, no pre bought short-cuts. I would use the skills learnt in arduino workshops (that I have slowly been expanding on) to create a more interactive lamp that is activated via a tilt switch. I also contemplated the possibilities using a expanding or morphing form shade that could be hooked up to be a dimmer switch. The light would respond to the actions of the form (perhaps a ‘smart’ resistance fabric) as the user manipulated it by hand.


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