Gas Bottle Bowls

Whilst studying foundation I made a series of small enamelled copper bowls which ended up with the production of a large copper enamelled bowl taken from the bottom of an immersion heater. This was my final outcome for the body of work, I fired it in a glass kiln, it was pretty risky as my tutor (Carol Gwizdak) and I were unsure if it would flux properly or if it would burn out. I wanted to continue this work and create a series of large enamelled metal bowls. And now I have the chance too.

The summer after I had finished my foundation I found two medium gas bottles in the hedge at a popular fly-tipping spot a couple of miles form my village. I took them home and after cutting off the valves with a hack saw and leaving them to soak full of water for a few months I cut the tops and bottoms off leaving me with 2 bowls.

Now I want to clean these bowls in preparation for milling the rims level, sandblasting and then enamelling their inner surfaces.

IMGP2320 IMGP2327 IMGP2331 IMGP2333 IMGP2334 IMGP2335

Now I need to start brainstorming some designs to put on the inner surface of the bowls, I think the designs will follow suit of the original large copper bowl and be fairly free and expressive.


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