Manual CNC Machining the Rim of Gas Bottle Bowl

The gas bottle bowl that has been sitting on my workbench for a while now finally got some work done on it today. I was able to get some advice and help from Keith the technician concerning the clamping of the bowl to the work bed surface. The bowl still has its large foot ring with its small cutaway ledges which it turns out are perfect for clamping it down tight, although it still took quite a while to get it all secure and ready to go.


Eventually after an hour and 15 mins the thick steel wall rim had been cut down about 5mm in all and is now perfectly level. What remain to be done is the foot ring to be cut off and the bowl sand blasting before enamelling.

IMGP2356 IMGP2354 IMGP2360

By the time the bowl gets to the enamelling stage I will need to have sorted out the designs that I want to decorate the interior – the subject I want the large bowl pieces to speak of is water problems. That is: water scarcity, water politics, water pollution, ecosystem destruction and sea life conservation. This would be continuing a theme from my foundation year. The water theme is one I studied whilst doing a geography A-level and is an issue I think needs to be talked about more and to which more attention must be brought too so that people can get on board with how to prevent or deal with these problems.

The other end of the gas bottle – or the opposite bowl – also needs its rim cutting down to make it level and even. This one however will be much harder to clamp down to the work bed as it is the valve end with no fancy foot-ring to clamp it down with. It may require the construction of a special jig to hold it fast and steady for cutting. I think I shall continue with the current bowl through to being a completed object for the moment and then tackle the valve bowl when I get to it.


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