Making First Glazes

I made my first glaze today following a recipe that I found on one of the university glaze example boards.

Title: Flux Variations Project – Line Blend, Claire Philips, S6.

Base Glaze B

  • Feldspar : 35%
  • Ball Clay : 12%
  • Whiting : 17%
  • Flint : 19%


  • Variation
  • E Frit : 17%
  • Cobalt Carbonate : 0.25%
  • Red Iron Oxide : 0.50%

I screened this 3 times through 100 mesh screen 3 times, although I think now I should have done 2 80 mesh screenings and 2 100 mesh screenings.

Before going to the glaze room I spent quite a long time researching glazes to see which ones I would like to create and soon ended up with a long list and a problem…how to decide which to do first. I used books from the library and ceramicist friends and the internet to find examples that I liked and wanted to try. Initially I thought to do a real simple one, but then that i wanted to challenge myself, and so decided to go for the slightly more complex one that I had seen on the uni example board. The whole thing went well and I am keen to return and do more glaze making. I have lots of glaze test piece tiles bisque fired, so im thinking I shall try and make around 10 100ml glaze sample recipes to try out ( all stoneware at 1250-ish) so as to get lots of different examples out of one firing.



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