Rhino workshops

Over September and October I participated in CAD workshops to learn how to use Rhino. The workshops have finished now but they have given me a good working basic knowledge to work from and experiment with, the course teacher, Charlie, said to contact her if I had any particular difficulties or needed help.

At first I found the interface pretty intimidating and nigh on impossible to navigate as well as taking an age to get used to the controls and keyboard short-cuts. However some of the functions were similar to Google sketch up ones and so I could perform some basic functions.

As the workshops progressed I gathered a bit of confidence and some more basic skills and with the guidance and help of Charlie began constructing some more abstract forms which turned out to be quite beautiful.

Now that the workshops are over my main goal would be to continue experimenting and building my skills in Rhino (as well as in Sketch-Up and Blender) so that I reach a level where I can confidently and quickly realise pretty much any idea I get onto the screen. Once I reach that point I want to apply my skills to 3-D printing as I already have a few projects in mind.




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