Basic Electronics and Circuit Building Workshop Day.

First Dennis talked about electricity what it is exactly and where it comes from. He mentioned about transformers and stepping up and down between mains, buildings and appliances. Arduino boards need steppers to step up or down depending on what they are doing, whether they are driving something or if they are being powered from a large voltage source they cannot handle.

We looked at resistors and learnt what they are and how they work. Dennis gave us a rhyme to helps us work out the resister colour code so that we can work out what type of resistor we have. Then we tried it out a few times. We also looked at resistance calculations and ohms law.

Soldering. We had a bit of hands on soldering practise. Nothing I hadn’t done before though.

IMGP2436 - Copy IMGP2437

After lunch we had a go at building some simple LED circuits and seeing what we could make.

Multimeter demonstration was given to show how to use one in order to measure resistance of a thing e.g. resistor. (mine didn’t work) measure current, amps, ohms, dc/ac type voltages and currents. I think I may purchase one this weekend, it’ll be some much easier and time saving than working it all out every time.

The day went well and I enjoyed it thoroughly, It was good working and experimenting with the people in the class and I’m looking forward to more programming and more complex arduino circuit building next Tuesday.


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