Gas Bottle Bowl Has Lost Its Foot-ring!

After my field workshops I went to the metal room and managed to see Dallas, He set up the plasma cutter for me and I then proceeded to cut the foot-ring off the steel bowl, I was really glad he suggested the plasma cutter, it was MUCH faster than cutting it off with a cutting disk, my only wish is that I had cut it a little closer to the bowl, I had been worried it would cut into the bowl underside. The cuts were quick and controlled so I probably could have cut closer and saved time with the grinding down of the stumps which is taking a while.




Its half way through grinding off the stumps, that will be finished tomorrow and then filed down to be smooth and true. Then it will go into the cabinet sandblaster to take off the orange paint on the outside surface and to clean the whole thing up ready for enamelling.

The foot-ring looks pretty good, if I grind of the plasma cutter marks back till its smooth I’m sure I could find a use for it. One idea is to make a stand for the bowl, but cut out a pattern to make it less…dense and think, and more appealing to look at.


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