Glaze Room Matte Nickel Black and Simple 3 Ingredient Glazes

Matte black glaze making and recipe was made today, although I’m a little unsure as to whether I got the nickel right. I was supposed to use  nickel oxide and instead used black nickel assuming they were the same thing, completely ignoring the thought that to assume something is to screw up before you’ve begun… we will see how it fires and compare to the original picture I saw of it.



I have found that I have wanted to make simpler glazes, so after making my black glaze today I decided to quickly Google ‘simple glazes’ and found on the ceramics arts daily website ‘easy low fire three ingredient glazes. With only 3 main ingredients they should be quick to produce and then manipulate and experiment with. I am hoping that by having these three basic glazes I will have a good base/root to experiment from and build up some glaze knowledge and experience with.

Taken from

To these basic glazes I could add other ingredients or colourants to obtain different effects and tones.

I also want to have a look at glaze slips…


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