Upcycled Garden Table

My house mates and I wanted an outdoor table for our garden in our new house. We didn’t really want to fork out any cash for one, and I had no luck in finding one. So Rossy and I decided to make one ourselves.

Sourcing Materials

After a while of keeping our eyes open for materials we one-day came across a pallet and an old mens room door. After checking if we could have them we wheeled them home on our bicycles (a comical effort) and into the back garden where we set to work constructing the table.

There was very little plan, we just sort of devised a vague picture/goal, took some quick measurements but for the most part just improvised with the materials and kept it simple as possible.

The build took a few hours to complete, we deconstructed the pallet and reconstructed it into two wide ad-hoc-ly cross braced legs. We then screwed the door-now-table-top onto the the legs.  A cross bar across the middle was added for support. It was pretty wobbly and so an A frame support made from 2×4 was added to the cross bar which eliminated much of the wobbly-ness.  Its not pretty but it does the job, it was free and was made in a couple of hours of fun.







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