Arduino Basics DIY Totourials

The examples of arduino circuits that Paul gave us in PDF are the ones I’m covering in this post. I have done most of these types of examples and tutorials last year when I got my own arduino board, but I have not really used it properly for a project yet. I decided I would run through them all to refresh my knowledge and try to commit the basic stuff to memory which will hopefully allow me to be a bit more spontaneous with the arduino when trying to make something creative.

Working Out Resistors: for this Dennis the TD produced a rhyme or mnemonic which you use to work out your resistors value. I have not quite memorised it yet but it is very useful. It goes as follows:

Some of these we covered in workshop with Dennis but most I went through at home

Multiple Digital Outputs

Digital Input

Analogue Input

Analogue Output

Analogue input and output

Ultrasound distance sensor

Next I shall experiment with motors and infra-red light sensors – hopefully out of this I should be able to make a theremin which drives a motor making an object move.


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