Arduino Workshop with Dennis and Paul Granjon

This morning comprised of more group work, I partnered up with Becky Durbin and together we followed some more example circuits. We made a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) and LED programme that brightened or dimmed the LED according to the amount of light (or photons) that were hitting the sensor surface, this gave a range of brightnesses the more or less the light source was blocked. This was really similar to the sketch I build last night that was the same thing but using a buzzer rather than an LED. This let me make really weird sounds like a theremin as I moved my hand in and out of the light source area – but im not sure it was technically quite a theremin at that point.

Next Becky and I tried to run a sketch to run a motor off the arduino Uno but we keep kept running into problems. We are not sure if its the transistor (could be bust), the resistor  (which we are sure is correct value) or the motor (which is very low power 2.5V thereabouts). The circuit is perfect and the sketch is perfect, verified and uploaded no problem….so why isn’t it working?!

We shall try again after lunch.

After lunch we finally got it working after much more trial and error. We then moved on to using an inferred proximity sensor to switch an LED on and off with motion. This then refused to work… everything was correct so I think it must have been a dodgy sensor. We will try it again on Thursday before continuing with more exciting projects. We are to try and find and bring in robot toys that we can hack to do our bidding and carry out operations other than that they were intended for. This idea reminds me slightly of Sid from Toy Story with his rather gruesome creations constructed from the parts of different toys making strange and disturbing beasts. Maybe we will do something like that….

After a bit of research on the interwebs I came across some projects I’d like to try.

Picture of Infrared Proximity Sensing Coffee Table Module & Color Changing Glowing Faucet

26_lamp copy.jpg

Get started with the Bend Sensor

Internet-Controlled RC Car

4x4x4 LED Cube (Arduino Uno)


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