1st Interactive Cube

Today we made our first cube!


Becky and I worked on the code, combining programmes so that the sensors worked for the neo-pixel LED’s whilst Andy went about adapting a box template file from thingyverse for the software Corel Draw to let him laser cut it. We had a little trouble getting hold of some translucent/ misty perspex but in the end the Soft Modelling Room technicians Keith and Mike were able to dig some out for us, for which we were very greatful.

Once we had our perspex box laser cut and super glued together with a fast, clear curing glue it was time to try it out. It worked beautifully! The neo-pixel LED’s are fantastically bright and each is individually programmable to any colour and animation that you can think of. It looks good and we are really happy with the results!

IMGP2562 IMGP2565

We are working really well together, we set each other tasks with time periods. The goals we set ourselves in one day are pretty realistic and we pretty much get everything done that we want to get done. There has been no arguing, rather we all seem to possess a fair give and take attitude in discussion and people seem happy to compromise if we need too. I really feel the project is on track and that we are doing well to meet our aims, I hope this trend continues!

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