Enamelling Test Pieces

Today I cut and cleaned my enamelling test pieces. In my last tutorial with Pip she recommended that I try more enamel experiments to add to my test piece collection which is now mounted on a board. These new test pieces will be used to experiment with some new techniques, so as to build upon my previous experience, and to strength old ones, the sgraffito technique in particular. The test pieces are originally from the sheet of copper I salvaged from an immersion water heater tank, the sheet being the walls.

IMGP2580 IMGP2582

Now I need to work on my sgraffito illustrations that I want to produce. The theme being water (a continuation from an earlier enamelling theme from foundation) I shall start by exploring water-way imagery, inspired by the work of artist William Turnbull. A series of his works consisted of painting large canvas in pure solid colour and then working the organic meandering  path of a river through the paint creating a simple and powerful effect of a high birds eye view. From this start point the ideas my vary and evolve as I conduct research into the topic of water use awareness and consumption.

For research into enamelling techniques I am currently dipping into the book The Art of Enamelling – Techniques, Projects, Inspiration – By Linda Darty


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