Raspberry Pi Christmas Present!

For Christmas this year I was a very lucky fella. I was given a Raspberry Pi ! The small computer kind not the delicious PIE kind. My next module at university is centred arround the raspberry pie as a way to learn to programme and code and also as a path way into exploring and contributing to the internet of things. The module is titled ‘Real and Virtual Internet of Things’ (IOT). Its focus is to “explore how bridges can be formed between the physical and digital domains through the use of augmented reality and the IOT. The outcomes would lead to interactive art works and artefacts, or the design of interconected products.”

IMGP2627IMGP2624 IMGP2625 IMGP2626

I hooked up my pie to the living room TV with a mouse and keyboard and loaded up Raspberian. Im  now ready to start coding! Im trying to decide on whether to learn Python, C++ or to focus on using the RPi in conjunction with my Arduino.


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