Making a Home Work Bench

One of the corners of my room in my student flat is empty…well its full of stuff but the point is that the space is not really that well utilised. For a while now I have wanted to build a work bench. Iv had some wood waiting in the garden for me to do something with it for some time and the time is right.


I have been looking around the internet and in books for inspiration and have come across lots of different ideas, using interesting materials and ways of working, benches for specific jobs, super multi-purpose benches,vintage and traditional workbenches and ultra modern ones too. Some of the books I looked at were pretty dated by now but had great simple designs suitable for someone who has little wood working experience, short of fancy tools or is strapped for cash with only some basic materials available. These were the benches that really called out to me, they can be made for next to nothing (suiting the student life style very much!) and they are very simple and straight forward to make.

The materials I am using are all recycled from a large good quality pallet and an old MDF desktop which should suit the purpose well. I enjoy recycling/upcycling – I think its an important effort to make that you at least consider using recycled materials or greener methods and processes for your work what ever it is.

My main concerns with this build is my lack of quality wood working (or furniture making really) experience  – Mostly though I just want it all true and square, sturdy and adaptable. The bench wont be seeing heavy abuse or heavy violent work. Electronics, jewellery making, sculpting and light construction work most likely. In some respects I’m not at too much threat from mistakes as the wood is free and I could always go find another pallet, but this takes time and energy in locating, transporting and breaking the pallet carefully. And good quality ones are not always easy to come by.

Some preliminary first few sketches have been made and now I want to create a sketch-up final draft blueprint of my workbench to follow whilst making it. This will be good practise I think, for usually when I make something at home and from recycled materials I just go by eye and make it up as I go along!


Untitled Sketch up desk

IMGP2716 IMGP2721 IMGP2719

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