Blasting Along With Progress!


Over my lunch break today I sandblasted my two steel bowls. I used the foundry rooms cabinet sand blaster. Who ever did the ergonomics on that thing….bad job who ever you are, my back is killing me.

It worked well and I am fairly pleased with the results. Bowl one is now ready for base layers of enamel. Bowl twos interior surface is spick and span and ready for enamelling but the exterior is in need of more blasting as there are a few speckled patches here and there. However the rim of that bowl needs levelling on the Manual CNC and it will need sandblasting again after that so there is no point in perfecting the exterior at this point.

IMGP2733 IMGP2731 IMGP2730 IMGP2729

So now I have two lovely matte, soft grey steel bowls, 1 ready to go, the other not too far behind…


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