The Literature Review

Your literature review holds together your dissertation and its credibility.

Who has written on your subject what they say?
Background reading books journals.
The way in which ideas are contextualised in relation to other peoples ideas
The literature you read should inform your angle and context of your dissertation.

It is how your ideas are formed and found. It is a review of the theme, its evidence of reading the literature in the area in which you are writing.

It should outline various theoretical perspectives.

Spend the next few months reading as much as you can this will make the writing process a lot easier later.

What to include in the literary review:

Who has written what? Academic papers, books, journals, articles.

Angle and thinking about the subject
See the book by Bhatt 2003.

What keywords and terms have you used to explore your subject and angle?

Once your subject and subject area are identified gather materials together.
For library books I should begin with a summons search engine search then asked staff if I need help.

The literary review should be split into sections starting broad and narrowing down as your search narrows down and your subject is clarified.
Something I need to consider is whether my literature review will stand alone as one chapter or be split up to each relevant chapter that talks about those particular texts.

A literature review can be used to start your dissertation; it is the background from which it comes. So presenting it first sets the scene for the rest of the dissertation

You should blog about your ideas and continue to do so as the dissertation develops, work changes over time but the kernel of the idea should remain intact.


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