The Soundscape Alexandros Lecture

Sound as a context in art and design has not been seen much, there’s lots to see and do and there is much more out there to explore and work with.

Think about how we term soundscapes – it is tied to the arts but what about the environment? Think sound pollution, city noises, ambient background noise, day to day noises, a world without noise. A landscape is also a soundscape it holds sound data.

Composing music might be thought as an egocentric activity is soundscaping?

Alexandros takes a lot of his theory from a book: The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World by R. Murray Schafer.
I will take a look at this, and write a post on it and the subject of soundscaping if I find it interests me.

For an outcome for this part of the project we (the whole group) will take part in an international soundscaping project called My City My Sounds., but specifically with a German University of Karlsruhe who are building a soundscape app.
Sound samples are added to google maps adding another level of information to the online earth.
We will collaborate by recording Cardiff sounds and then putting them into the Google maps at their geo-loci. Each sound recording needs WAV format, a picture of the Location, GPS coordinates and a few tags Attached Labelling the Sounds, note time of day.


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