CNC Machining Workshop Part 2

Today was the second part to my 2 part CNC Wednesday workshops.

We covered double sided CNC machining today. As he did last time Keith provided us with a hand out detailing a basic step by step coverage of the basics to refer to when needed. The process is mostly quite straight forward, and I think I should have little trouble by myself as long as I take my time and am thorough with my set up. More complicated cuts should probably be over seen or checked by Keith the technician. The main things to remember with double sided are to remember the slightly smaller parameters in which you have to work, the importance of dead accurate referencing and when flipping to the other side of the work block flip it on the X axis never the Y axis. Double check everything – good practise is measure twice cut once.

Now that I have covered both elements of the workshop I think it’s time for me to 3D model something and then have a go. I will start with single side small cuts – most probably ideas and prototypes for the medal project.

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