Pinging Enamel Problems

I have run into a problem with my steel enamel samples, so of them have had flakes of enamel ‘pinging’ off, and sizeable ones too. After some research I have come to the conclusion that this is probably due to my first coat of enamel being too thick meaning it cannot handle the surface tension and so is cracking off over time. Ways to combat this are to apply several very thin coats building up several layers to create a strong one. another way is to ensure that your steel is really well sandblasted and immaculately clean before enamelling. the other way is to counter enamel the work, however I do not think I want to counter enamel my bowls on the exterior surface, i like the angle grinder sander marks on the surface.




For my large curved test piece I shall sandblast it as well as I can n top of what I have already done and then proceed to enamel and fire as quickly as I can with a very thin coat.


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