Dissertation Proposal

I have no completed my Dissertation Proposal form. However I have some doubts that it may not be quite right. I know that the ideas and structure of the essay is bound to change and that that is acceptable, but Im not quite sure myself yet exactly it is that I want to write about and make. I am hoping that this dissertation proposal will act more as proof that I have been reading  on and researching my areas craftsmanship and digital artistic production, and as a demonstration of my core ideas which wont change. I am a bit nervous as to where this will go. I think that the area I want to talk  and make an artefact about is perhaps too wide and could leave me with a weak piece of work. In one of my dissertation preparation tutorials with my tutor Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos we discussed this issue of setting oneself to wide an area to talk on. His point was to start broad and then really focus in on something to explore in depth and write about. I think at present I have failed to do that to a large degree and need to start to do so if I want to give myself enough good time to write and make.

My plan of action now that my dissertation form is complete is to continue reading and assimilating information and ideas. One area I need to look at extensively (that I have not so far spent much time on) is artists practising in the realms of what I am talking about. I also need to adopt a different approach to my research, currently I have a notebook which is quickly becoming a bit dense and unreadable. I keep alot of ideas in my head and inevitably these become lost, half remembered or distorted. I think I should perhaps instead set myself areas or topics to research that have fairly closed parameters with a focus and then write short essays on that focus to really condense, quantify and make sense of that new information. These short essays could lead to bigger picture essay’s which could become building blocks for my dissertation. This is just one idea that occurred to me as I write this. Im sure my feedback on my proposal in a couple of weeks will be illuminating and suggest ways in which to focus my area into a more do-able format.


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