Under Way and a Big List of To-Do’s

As the clock drew near to 17:00 I had finished my wax medal and Bryony and I had made a shared pouring tree with its first layer of molochite. Throughout the day I managed to photograph the process and post it directly from WordPress using the quick photo application that comes on the mobile app. It’s a great feature as it lets me post regular images of what I’m doing and creates a work in progress feel for my blog rather than an update once in awhile. Photos also speak better than words, so I can save time in describing things making shorter posts, which suits me fine haha!

Today I also managed to do some more sandblasting (old rusty circular saw blades) and to do a bit more work on a steel bowl I am getting ready. Hopefully when it comes to firing I should have four bowls ready to go, although I think three is a more likely number. 

Tonight I have some book work to do, this will be redesigning my Sedna outcome and producing some more work for copper medals before I commit to making then next Monday. I also need to ensure I have written my feedback for my field options and posted both of them on my blog under Field – this is important for passing the module. Also if I get time tonight I shall try and get my drawing machine scanner working so I can start thinking about the robot. 

My to-do list goes on and on, think I had better write myself a time table to make sure I get it all done in time!  


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